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    Date: 29th July
    Module : Academic
    Country : Sri Lanka (British Council)
    Writing task 1 : Three pie charts indicating the percentages of 5 different types of vehicles transporting on a main bridge.
    Task 2: Whether education is necessary to succeed in life, or not ?
    Speaking test on 01st of August :
    name ?
    do you work or study ?
    Like what you work ?
    Hope to continue the job?
    why do you like your job?
    do you travel by bus?
    would you prefer underground transport?
    do you hope to use more public transportation in future ?
    Cue Card:
    Describe about a tree that is popular in your country?
    Section 3 :
    what do you think about framing?
    do you think that we should focus more on farming to develop the economy?
    about environmental pollution and its impacts towards human life?
    It would be better if you could wear long sleeves, as it could be a bit cold inside the exam hall and there is a bit of a procedure if you need to go to the washroom after entering the hall. So make sure you go there before and we were not allowed to ask for extra paper in the exam. Hope this will help.

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