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    It’s general training and i just had it. I.e. 27th april 2019!
    Writing task 1: you took a 2 day course. Write a feedback to course organiser. Detail of the course, what you like and what you want to them to do to make it better.
    Writing Task 2 : shopping has become new favourite pastime for young generation. Why is this the case? Should you encourage them to develop other hobbies too?

    Part 1:
    Skills ?
    How many hours?
    Tea and coffee?
    Do you want to be an actor?
    Any actor you saw?
    Do we learn anything from them?
    Is google a good source of information?
    Is it accurate ?
    How parents help us to learn?
    Part 2: subject you didn’t like at school but you like it now?
    Part 3: do you want to do that subject now?
    Then about research? On what researches should be done?
    Should the funding be done by independent company to researches?
    Do you think government have any part in funding to researches?
    Is it viable to fund the researches now, which will have the results in future ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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