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    I just finished taking IELTS General exam on 12 Oct 2019.
    Writing Task 1:
    You ride a bicycle to work but there is a problem with the parking
    – why you ride a bicycle to work
    – what is the problem with the parking
    – what would you suggest

    Writing Task 2
    Parents, usually mothers, stay at home to look after their family. People believe they should receive a salary from the government for that. Do you agree or disagree?

    Part 1
    About patience
    What are you doing when you waiting for the bus
    Have your ever loss your patience when waiting for something
    Do you think you are a patience person
    How patience are people in your country
    About wild animal
    Did you ever see wild animal?
    What is your favorite wild animal?
    How do you feel when you see animal at zoo?

    Part 2 About lie
    Describe a situation when you decided to not tell the truth to your friend
    – when and where
    – why
    How you feel about it

    Part 3
    Is there any situation when children decide not to tell the truth? Why?
    Is children’s lie different with adult’s lie?

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