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    Hi all,
    Test Location: Singapore
    Date : 7th July 2018
    Section 2 was harder than section 4 than I anticipated, so please concentrate on all sections.
    – Sec 1: Complaint on Fridge (fill in the blank)
    – Sec 2: About a new program called ‘Connections’ where host share house with owner (flow chart, choose the right answer)
    – Sec 3: About Pollens and how it pollutes earth (fill in the blanks and choose the right answer)
    – Sec 4: About fat consumption in diet by people of different age groups (fill in the blanks)

    – About sales of old and new car- True or False
    -A flowchart question (don’t remember the topic)
    -About sales of different house- answer questions which represents each house model- about 8 question
    -About RFID – questions on which section has the details, and fill in the blank

    – You have joined a evening course in a local college, there is no problem in the course as such, but you have complaints on other facilities (e.g.: room, equipment, etc). Write a letter to the administrator of the college. In you letter
    – tell what you like about the course
    – what problem you have in the facilities provided
    – suggest on what can be done to resolve it
    – Some people tell that to reduce traffic and pollution, government should increase the tax on the petrol (gasoline)
    Would there is more benefits than the drawback?

    Part 1:
    Do you live in a house or apartment?
    Which is your favourite room? and why?
    Would you be changing your house in future?
    Tell about a attire that you were wearing for a special occasion?
    -What was the attire and special occasion?
    -Where you bought it?
    -What did others tell about it?
    Why in few jobs employers require their employees to wear uniform?
    Why few jobs required uniform? I spoke about police for this answer, so examiner started to asked related questions
    Why do you think that there is always a changing trend in fashion industry?
    Questions on western countrries influence and globalisation in fashion market
    Do you think people can change from their tradition?
    Is tradition being forgotten?
    And few other related questions.

    I hope these details will be useful to all. Thanks!

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