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    I appeared in General IELTS test on 18th August 2018, in Singapore, and below are the questions:

    Listening Section:
    Section 1:
    Completing notes with One word And/Or A Number based on a conversation between a lady, requesting for household insurance claim, and an Insurance Agent.
    Section 2: growing plants in balcony:
    4 or 5 Multiple choice questions
    5 or 6 matching questions to match planting processes such as Planting, Feeding, Supporting, Weeding, Climatic changes etc with 6 out of 8 supporting factors provided.
    Section 3: discussion between student and professor on traffic issues.
    4 or 5 Multiple choice questions
    5 or 6 matching questions about different statements made: only by student, only by professor or by both
    Section 4: Lecture on two types of dolphins and completing notes with one word and/or number.

    Reading Section:
    7 Questions: Trues/False/Not Given
    7 Questions: finding paragraph for provided information
    6-7 Questions to be answered using no more than 3 word and/or numbers
    6-7 questions on completing sentences using 2 words and/or numbers
    Last passage:
    6 questions for matching a title for each of the 6 paragraphs
    4: Multiple choice questions
    3: questions on labelling a diagram

    Task 1: write a letter to colleague who gave you a book that helped you for a presentation at work. You should:
    describe the presentation
    why was it important
    how did it help you
    Take 2:
    Some people think it is more important to spend time in developing a successful career while others think it is more important to spend time with friends and family.
    Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    Speaking Test (taken on 17-Aug-18):
    Part 1:
    Where do you live at the moment and how far is it from here (test center)?
    How long have you been staying in your part of the town?
    Is your part of the town an interesting place?
    Which is your favourite wild animal? Why?
    Do you have any pets? I replied no and I am not interested in having one. So, next question: Why?
    Do you like to go to zoo?
    How important is it for children to learn about animals?
    Do you read newspapers
    Did anyone in your family read newspaper in the past?
    Topic: Describe a city where you would like to work and live in?
    Part 3:
    What are the important factors in deciding a place to work and live in?
    Do you think it is important to have a nice place to live in or having a good job?
    What are the factors that make people happy?
    How can government help in improving the life style of people?

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