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    I’m Aaya.
    Sharjah, UAE.
    I finished my speaking exam today and will take the other 3 sections next Saturday, which will be 11/8/2018.

    Speaking it went well thankfully and I am satisfied with my performance. However, I forget to use idioms, it didn’t come to my mind while I was expressing my thoughts to answer the questions I was asked. Will that prevent me from getting a band score of 7+ ?
    The topics were:
    part 1:
    questions about writing.. what do you write currently? did you enjoy writing as a child? and what would you be writing in the future? … (those weren’t the exact words used .. just the idea)
    also questions about outdoor activities.. what outdoor activities do you enjoy? which outdoor activities you enjoyed as a child? do you think of working outdoors? …
    part 2
    Talk about a story you were told by someone. who is it? how did it affect you? and so on
    part 3
    questions about story telling and technology …
    Here is my experience, I hope it’s helpful.

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