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    this is my speaking test what I remembered
    Module : Academic
    Date : 6 May 2018
    Location : Seoul, South Korea (British Council)
    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    Where are you from?
    What kind of housing do you live?
    What part of your home do you like the most?
    Do you plan to move another place in the future?
    Where was the most memorable vacation to you?
    When do you have a plan to go vacation in the future?
    What is the most important thing when going to travel?
    Do you like to plan for travelling?
    Do you remember a teacher in your primary school?
    Who is the best teacher in your school days?
    Part 2
    Describe a sport that you have watched on TV before and you want to try
    What it is
    When you first watched the sport
    What you like about the sport
    And explain why you would like to try this sport
    -additional one : When will you try to do this sport?
    Part 3
    What kind of sport is the most popular in your country?
    Why is the sport the most popular you mentioned?
    Do you prefer watching sports or doing sports?
    Are sports facilities for watching located in nearby or far from your home?
    Why do you think many sports stars appear in commercial advertising?

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