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    I ve just finished my speaking Part of the test.
    General test
    30 september 2017
    São Paulo- Brazil
    Part 1
    Where do you live house or apartment
    Do you like to live there
    Will you move to another place in the future
    Do you like fruits
    How often do you eat it
    Dis you eat fruits when you were a Child
    It is important to eat fruit
    Do you Cook using fruits
    Part 2
    Talk about an website that helps you
    How often you use
    Is it easy to use
    Why you like it
    After the two minutes she asked me one more question about the website. If my friends use it too
    Part 3
    Internet And children
    How internet has changed the way children Learn
    If children learn more from internet than from children
    If in the future schools wont exist anymore and children will estudy only on The internet
    Internet And entertainment
    How can we use internet as a way of entertainment
    Differences between internet and tv as a way of entertainment
    The examinor was extremely patient, polite and friendly. She stayed all the time smiling and paying attention on me.
    I felt very comfortable and confident.
    I hope I can get a good score
    Now Im waiting for the writting Part wich will be in 2 hours

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