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    I just took my ielts exam yesterday. September 28

    For the writing task 1: It was a table that shows the number of population growth of 3 different countries..

    For writing task 2: It was discussion essay Some people say that the universities must only accept student with high mark. While others believe that universities must accept students of all ages regardless of their previous grades. Discuss no both views..

    For the speaking:
    Part 1: Accomodation Favorite part of your house What is your dream job Travel: Which place you recently visited? Languages

    Part 2. Describe a park that you recently visited: When and where was the park. Who was with you at the park. Why did you like the park.
    Follow up questions. Why do most people go to parks Is going to parks important to you? Do people often visits park nowadays? How abour the teenagers do they still visits park? Do parks still significant in a city? How can you maintain the overall image of a park?

    Part 3 Nowadays most of the people are planting flowers in their backyards. What is your opinion? Why do most of the people like to plant flowers and vegetables in their houses? In the future: do you think there will still be enough space to plant flowers and vegetables..

    Section 1: fill in the blank one word/a number
    Sec2: map about park
    Sec 3: historical park multiple choice
    Sect4. Paragraph completion about tariff and mode of payments. Fill in the blank one word/a number. The listening part was moderate.

    Passage 1: story about T-Rex and predators related to “jurassic park movie” -True/False/ Not given -some questions- 2 words only -multiple choice – fill in the blank summary completion
    Passage 2: it was about Art. Yes/no / ng Match headings
    Passage 3: about understanding human behavior and emotions. Questions Multiple choice

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