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    Thanks for your amazing website!
    IELTS GT – São Paulo/BR –> Speaking Test – May, 10th 2018
    The examiner was a bit confused. The worst thing is they don’t follow a pattern. Unfortunately this lady interrupted me many times (in short answers), she did many comments once I was answering the questions, and so on. Believe me, I would love to have another option instead of IELTS. I’m not sure this is happening in other countries, but in Brazil they’re distributing “6.5” band scores to many people, remarks are evaluated in 12 days and nothing change. 🙁
    Part 1
    – My name, work/study
    – Where do you live?
    – Do you live in an apartment or house? Why?
    – Do you think you’ll move from there in the future?
    Then, many questions about letters/cards:
    – Do you receive many letters/cards?
    – In your birthday, do you like to receive e-mails or cards? Why?
    – Do you think letters/cards will disappear due to the use of e-mails? Why?
    Part 2
    Talk about a song you like
    – What song is?
    – What the song is about?
    – When have you listen to it?
    – Why you like it?
    Part 3
    Follow up questions about music/musicians.
    – Do you like to listen to music? When you listen… Why you listen…
    – Do you think anyone can learn to play a musical instrument?
    – Some people argue that governments should not invest money in concerts/musicians. Do you agree or desagree? Why?
    – Should music be taught in schools? Why?

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