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    My speaking was today, 6th of July, in São Paulo – Brazil.
    Maybe I can’t remember exactly the questions but I will tell you about the main topics:
    PART 1-
    Where do you from?
    Do you live in a house or in an apartment? Why?
    What’s your favourite room?
    Do you plan to mover in the future?
    + After this one the examiner starts to ask questions about cities (one that you’ve visited, most people in Brazil live in cities?…. ), very common questions that you can easily find here but I can’t remember exactly (sorry, about that).
    PART 2 –
    Describe a sport that you only watched but would you like to try? What is it? Why?
    + At the end, the examiner asks me: Do you know anyone that usually play this sport?
    PART 3 –
    What do you think that people can learn from sports?
    Do you think it is common to business people?
    Do you think that big international sport events are too much focused on money ?
    Do you think that sports (amateurs sports) can help to deal with social problemas ? (I can’t remember exactly the question, but it was with this meaning)

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