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    Test taken on January, 20th
    São Paulo – Brazil
    Part 1
    – Name
    – What do you do?
    – Where do you live?
    – Is it far from here?
    – How long do you live in that neighbourhood?
    – Do you like it? Why?
    – Do you like listening to music while studying or working?
    – Do you buy cds or download music?
    – Did you listen to music more in the past than today?
    Part 2
    – Customer service (I had practiced the same questions during this week, so I knew what to say!). I don’t remember exactly the questions but they can be found here at the blog.
    Part 3
    Questions on the customer service topic
    – Differences in face to face service vs telephone
    – What caracteristics someone who works for with CS needs to have
    – She asked me if I like products being advertised and If I get impacted
    – Are there a lot of ads in this city?
    – Do you remember one ad from when you were a child?
    – Do you like famous people doing advertising? (my answer was NO because I always think they are doing it for the money paid, it seems fake)
    – Social media: impacts of social networking on advertising
    – Customer empowerment (my answer was something like we have the tools to compare prices, search for hands on reviews of products, we can look at the internet for reviews on stores…. and so on)
    That’s all! I think I did quite good, I had some lack of vocabulary sometimes but I BELIEVE it was not that serious. I was nervous while waiting to be called by the examinor, but the one at the room, I calmed down… the interviwer was really sweet! She made me feel comfortable and I could manage to treat the test as a normal talk. When she announced the end of the test I was surprised of how fast it was!

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