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    Hi All,
    My thinking and memory about the ielts question exam;
    Academic 22.02.2020

    Part 1
    Do you study or work
    What subject do you study
    Does this subject important to you and why
    Have you ever seen wild animals
    Have you seen wild animals in the zoo
    What is your favourite wild animals
    Why don’t we protect the wild animals

    Part 2
    Describe the person who often travel by plane
    Who is she/he What do they travel by plane for
    Why they use plane very often
    Explain why they take plane for travel

    Part 3
    Why do you think travel by plane is more faster and faster
    What is the advantages and disadvantages of using airpalne
    Does the plane popular with vietnamese people travel within another country
    What do they work at the airport and why they do that work
    What is advantages and disadvantages when we live near the airport
    What is the best way for concentration
    How can you stay focus
    What difficult that you get when you stay focus
    Do people in Vietnam focus on : price or comfort

    A little difficult in section 2 and 4

    Task1 – maps
    Task 2 – Online shopping is increasing significantly What the effect might be on the environment and the types of job which were required Give your knowledge and experience

    Really difficult to highlighting and read clearly

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    can you please send me a sample of your answers in ielts exam,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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