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    Location: Russia, Moscow, Students International
    Module: General Training
    Date: 8/07/2017
    Writing Task1:
    You’ve recently made friends with someone from abroad. Invite him/her to the party:
    * Tell him what is the party for
    * Invite him/her
    * Tell how to get to your place
    Writing Task2:
    Some people consider that everyone should go to university, while others consider that is not the best option for everybody. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
    Part1: Work, Buses, History
    Part2: TV Drama Series
    Part3: Discussion about TV Series, most of the questions were derived from my answers to previous ones:
    * Why so many people watch TV series?
    * Why they do it during the day?
    * How often do soap operas teach us something that is common with real life?
    * Some people think that all the ideas for soap operas have already been used. What is your opinion?

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