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    Hello, everyone!
    Let me share with all of you some questions that I had.
    Modul: Academic
    Speaking: 21-02-2018, Writing: 24-02-2018
    Country: Russia
    Part 1
    – Do you workstudy?
    – What kind of weather in your city?
    – Do you like a rain?
    – How rain can change people’s behaviour?
    -What do you do if you don’t have an umbrella and it’s raining?
    – What activities did you do in secondary school?
    Part 2
    Describe a person, who is a great parent (who is it, how do you know himher, what makes him/her a good parent?, do other people think that this person a great parent, etc)
    Part 3.
    Is it important to have both mum and dad? why?
    Why parents usually conflict with teenagers, should they stop trying to understand teenagers?
    There were also some questions related to children, but I was so nervous that’s why I don’t remember
    Task2: Some people believe that women have a equal role as men to work in police force and military force, whereas others claim that it is not apprortiate work for them. Discuss both view and give opinion.
    P.S. Actually, the most difficult part for me was listening. There was really strange accent in section 2, it was really hard to catch the necessary information, hence, it is significant to listen different accents before you taking a test!
    Good luck!

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