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    Hi, I just took my CDT yesterday Feb 19, 2019. The test runs smoothly for me and here are the topics that I encountered.
    Writing Task 2 = “Many people try to look younger than their age. What are the causes people do this. Do you think this is a good thing or bad thing?”
    Speaking Task 2 = Talk about an intelligent person that you know
    Who is it
    How did you know him/her
    Describe this person
    Task 3 = Is your handwriting good?
    Do you love recieving handwritten letters? why or why not?
    Why do you think intelligent students are sometimes get bullied at
    Why do people often talk about intelligent people but seldom talk
    about genius people?
    Are intelligent people always happy?
    What do you think are the qualities that a good teacher should have?
    Do you think that teachers and parents should work hand in hand in
    educating a child?
    Nowadays children do not like studying or learning. why do you think
    are the raesons?
    How do you think the teachers can motivate their students to study

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