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    My GT test was on 8 Feb 2020.

    Part 1: Informal letter – invite a friend to my wedding.
    Part 2: Opinion on people working the same type of work versus people changing their work type.

    Part 1: where do I live? What I do not like about where I live? Will I ever move? Questions about hair.
    Part 2: an interesting conversation I had: Who the conversation was with? Why was it interesting? When and where did it happen?
    Part 3: public speaking: Why is public speaking sometimes difficult? Who is considered a good public speaker? Is visual graphics important in presentations?
    A question relating to public speaking for a large audience (cant remember the exact question)

    If the examiner requested that I repeat my answer as he did not understand what I was saying as in I misinterpreted the question – Will my band score be affected by this? I did say I misinterpreted the question and answered correctly the second time around.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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