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    Hi all,
    I had my ielts general training exam on 11th Nov, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    WRL were fairly easy. My speaking was also yesterday. These are what the topics were:
    Task 1
    If I notice teenage fashion trends and why
    Am I scared of being late for aponintments and why
    How do I see time
    And a few more
    Task two – cue card question
    A time when I helped someone – who was it , how did I help and how I felt after helping them
    How can children be taught to help others
    How does my community help each other
    Are People nowadays more punctual than before and why
    Task 3
    How do organizations like Red Cross and Red crescent raise funds
    Are such organizations more effective at raising funds that smaller organizations
    How does this kind of fundraising help build relations between nations ( these weren’t the exact words.. but meant the same)
    I have never ever come across such questions in the past.. what do I say about these questions , were they the regular type or something not heard often ?
    I did manage to speak on everything .. without grammatical mistakes hopefully.. not sure about my score.

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