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    General Training
    26th July 2018
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    The examiner started with –
    What do you do, do you work or study?
    Do you prefer the morning or the evening shift and why?
    Have you built some friendships at work with your colleagues?
    Do you often go outdoors and where do you like to visit?
    Did you spend alot of time outdoors as a child?
    Do you enjoy travelling? Have you ever travelled by plane? Do you know if you would be travelling again soon?
    Cue Card – A good photo someone took of you.
    Follow up questions –
    How important is photography?
    Do you feel that people take too many photographs than required?
    How important is it to have a camera on a smartphone?
    Image enhancement is very common these days. What do you think about this?
    Do you think paper photos have more value than digital ones?
    I may have not have quoted the questions exactly, but I recall the general gist of the conversation and how it went.. I might have missed a few questions. She expanded on the same two topics with a few more questions on the value of travel and the abuse/obsession with photography.
    I hope this helps.. Good luck to everyone.

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