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    I took the speaking test today 29th September.
    Local: Recife- BRAZIL
    Part 1-
    Full Name
    Where are you from?
    Where do you live ( house and apartment)?
    Do you intend in the future buy another building? Why?
    Do you like to travel by bus?
    Wich kind of improvement on transport sector could be implemented by the government in your coutry?
    Cue card- Changes in your life (job/ studies)
    What kind
    What happened after
    Part 3- neighbourhood
    Do you have a Good relationship with neighbour?
    Is better young or elderly neigbours?
    Did any neighbour help you in a situation?
    Kids should be encouraged to do a lot of things? Why?
    There is difference between today and past aboout encouragment children to do a lot of things?
    Changes are the same comparing to the past?
    I hope it could help everyone who will take the test.

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