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    Today I did my GT Test in Qatar.
    The reading part was quite hard. However, I am concerned about the writing task 2, it was like:
    Many parents believe that when their children read books for entertainment, they are wasting their time, and that they should read only serious and educational books.
    What is you opinion about this?
    The question is direct and I considered it an opinion essay. I followed your opinion essay structure (one-sided approach), and took the side of reading for entertainment. The three body paragraphs listed three main reasons why I think this is beneficial for children.
    1- Reading books for entertainment helps children develop a mature personality because when they read different genres and they are interested in what they read, they accumulate knowledge and awareness.
    2- reading books for entertainment is a great investment for children’s leisure time instead of using this time in watching aimless cartoon and TV shows.
    3- Reading books for entertainment contributes to language acquisition in children as they read something they are interested in and thus they pay more attention for details. They acquire more words and expressions and apply them in new contexts, especially educational discipline.
    what I want to ask you about is: are my main ideas relative? Am I addressing the task appropriately? Or I miss part of it?

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