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    Nov 17
    Writing task 1: bar chart about percentages of men and women in different occupations in a tow
    Task 2 . Family has the heighest influence on a child. Some others believe tv, friends, music has the most influence. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
    Cue card: an important decison you have taken with the help of someone else
    Follow up questions
    Do you take your own decisions
    Why some people take longer to decide
    When can you take a quick decision
    What are someof the decisons teenagers have to take
    What are some decisions leaders nationally
    Can leaders take some.decisons that are disadvantageous to certain people
    He did also ask travelling!
    If people travel.more by car where I am living,
    If everyone should learn to drive, traffic in my city, if i travel by taxi, if i like to cook and eat, how often i cook
    The test was good for me, although I feel I could have made task 2 writing much better.
    Thank you

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