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    I took the exam on the 2nd of June in Qatar.
    section 1: about a near by library and its activities (phone call)
    section 2: 2 students prepare a presentation
    section 3: about shopping assistant, and certain shops features.
    section 4: about fairy tern bird (endangered)
    passage 1: about a village in Africa and farming system implemented (distribution of crops kinds over the year).
    passage 2: about Alexandria (Egypt) artifacts under water and the method used to rescue them.
    passage 3: about Emotions theories (darwin 6 emotions and scientists experiments, facial expressions …etc).
    task 1: a table of Cocoa production in several regions (Asia, Africa, South America…etc).
    task 2: people still prefer newspaper to internet as a source of news.
    -In which time of the day you prefer to work.
    -If prefer reading newspaper, if any of the family does.
    -Task 2: speak about a season of the year you prefer, what will be the weather, what you do in it, and why you prefer it.
    -Task 3: questions about global warming.
    The exam was very difficult.
    Listening: new question type: gives you a list of long sentences, and then the names of the shops. When they mention a shop you need to investigate which sentence applies (in listening the mention several features for the shop, it wasn’t easy at all. I missed a lot).

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