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    Exam: GT
    Date: 13 Dec
    Doha, Qatar
    Questions about favorite room in house.
    Questions about money, giving money and receiving money.
    Part 2:
    Describe a math skill you learnt during elementary school.
    Some follow up questions.
    Part 3:
    Why math is important for children?
    At what age children should learn?
    What is significance of math skills for adults?
    What can governments do if adults have weaker maths?
    Various question about letters, emails and cards
    NB: while speaking, twice I made mistakes with plural which I corrected at the spot. Does it affects the score?
    You want to learn a language. There is a teacher nearby where you live. Write a letter to teacher
    1. How you came to know about him
    2. Explain why you want to learn
    3. Ask some questions
    Task 2- Some people believe that after hundred years life will be easier for majority of the people, while other are unsure.
    What is your opinion?

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