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    thank you for providing us with this great platform on which we could learn and share. I took an Academic module test on March 14, 2020. Here are some questions that I could remember.
    Part 1:
    -Full Name
    -what type of house/apartment do you live in?
    -do you like to live in the city? And 1-2 subsequent questions about living preference.
    -do you take breaks at work?
    -do you prefer several short breaks or one longer break during a work day? Why?
    -do you like history?
    -have you been to any museums?
    -do you read about history?
    -do you watch any historical movies?

    Part 2:
    -Describe a dream place that you’d like to live in. Bullet points: what kind of place it is. Who do you want to live in there with. Why do you want to live in there.

    Part 3:
    – all questions about different places to live…
    -do you like to live in countryside or city
    -what type of home do people in your home town prefer to live in
    -what are some factors that you think people would consider when they choose to live a certain city/town
    -what are advantages and disadvantages about living in an old home and new home, etc.

    I felt the topics are fair, nothing weird and caught me by surprise. I talked quite a lot for each questions while made few mistakes in word choices and pronunciation (all corrected but myself instantly). Couple of my sentences could be grammatically confusing and hard to understand (didn’t think thoroughly before answering…). I might also talked a bit too fast… hope it wouldn’t be an issue.And something else worth-noting was that my examiner actually gave feed back with facial expression (and even laughed twice) during the test, which I heard is something very rare in IELTS test.

    1. About the history of video game/ video game consoles
    2. About animal and human sleep deprivation
    3. Can’t remember….

    1. Table chart about carbon dioxide production in 2005 and 2006 in five countries.
    2. Some people argue that school should no long be necessary because children can obtain all the information that they need from internet. They can learn and be educated at home. To what extent do you agree or disagree.Overall they are all reasonable questions. And I took the computer-based test. The overall experience was quite pleasantly, although I’ve never taken an IELTS (paper or computer) before so nothing to compare with….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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