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    I had my speaking test on 27 June 2018 at Punjab Ludhiana
    First of all general questions about hometown and work.
    Then do you make friends at work ?
    Talked about presents/gifts
    On what occasions do people give present to one another in your country ?
    On what occasions do people meet eachother?
    Then a cue card
    Which place in your city you would like to visit with your friends.
    What it is?
    Where it is?
    What you would do there ?
    How Will you enjoy with your friends?
    When you first visited there ?
    Then a trailing question
    Do people regularly visit there ?
    Then questions came regarding
    Is it good to visit with freinds or family?
    The most astonishing thing of my speaking was my examiner was having short naps in between as it was afternoon time and she was hardly listening to me . At time i was baffled.
    But I kept on speaking. Don’t know this was positive or negative!!

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