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    Academic Test
    June 21,2018
    Speaking test
    Part 1
    1.What’s your full name?
    2.Where are you from?
    3.Are you are student or doing any job?
    4.At which time,do you like to study?
    5.Why you feel refreshed in the morning?
    6.Which wild animal you liked the most?
    7.Why you like the colour of snake?
    8.Is it necessary to save animals by keeping them in zoos?
    9.Do you have any pet?
    10.Why you kept pet in your home?
    11.Why you like to play with your pet?
    12.How often you make friends?
    Part 2
    Cue card-talk about an occasion when visitors came to your home.
    1.What was the occasion?
    2.Who visit for it?
    3.What did you do at that occasion?
    Explain it
    Part 3
    1.How often visitors visit at your home?
    2.How in your culture relatives and friends are welcomed?
    3.What is the difference between visiting to relatives house now and in past?
    4.Why visitors are welcomed by food?
    5.How do you show hospitality towards them when they came at your home?
    6.How many hours do you take sleep everyday?
    7.How many hours sleep is necessary?
    8.How many hours sleep required for older people?
    9.You don’t think that older people required less sleep?
    10.What do you do everyday to take good sleep?
    11.What are the benefits of meditation?
    12.What are the advantages of visiting your friend living in different city in his home and hotel?
    13.What are the services provided by hotel?
    14.What are the other services rather than food and drinks?
    15.How staff members of hotels should be trained?
    16.What are the qualities that every staff member must know?

    Writing (June 23,2018)
    Task 1
    Horizontal bar graph on the citizens of the UK (belongs to rural and urban areas)those who can drive in 15 minutes or less to various services.The data is in percentages.
    Task 2
    Some people believe that all zoos are cruel and should be closed.Others,however believe that it is very useful in protecting rare animals.Discuss both views and give your opinion
    My examiner was South-African and she listened my cue card was only for 40 seconds but she ask me lot of questions that I mentioned above.
    I hope I will achieve good bands

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