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    My Speaking Test was on 3rd January, 2018. I am from Punjab, India
    Fortunately, my examiner was really friendly and smiling. I did not get nervous at all.
    It all went really good and I am hoping for the best. My L/R/W is scheduled to be on 6th January, 2018 and I will be sharing about them also.
    Here are the questions I was asked by the examiner.
    >Can you tell me your full name?
    >Can you tell me how far do you live from here?
    >Since how long have you been living here?
    >Do like the part of the city where you live?
    >Do you like to listen to music while studying or working?
    >Did you like to listen to music during your childhood?
    >At what occasions are gifts given ?
    >The last gift you received?
    >A gift you received that you didn’t like?
    Cue card :
    Describe the time when someone took a good photograph of you.
    Follow up:
    Do you like to get your photographs clicked?
    >Is it good to take a lot of photographs?
    >There are a lot of additions made to photographs these days. What attitude of people does this show?
    >Is this going to affect the photographers and their working style?
    >Do people like digital photographs or printed photographs? How will this change in the future?
    >Will photographs replace paintings in the future?
    I might have missed one or two questions but they were related to music and photographs only.

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