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    Hi All,
    Academic module , speaking 21/02/2018 LRW 24/02/2018 PLACE Pune India
    Name , where you came from and how long is this place from here?
    Do you like music?
    What kind of musci do you like?
    Do you you think that the music you like will help futhre?
    How often you travel?
    Had you ever travel through plane?
    How does it feel traveling through plane?
    Task 2
    What new skill you had learned recently?
    Clue card
    Where you learned?
    What difficulties you had ?
    TASK 3
    Is it important to learn new things for parents, like parenting raising children?
    Do childrens and elders learn things in same manner ?
    I dont remember rest.
    Writing task 1
    There was plans illustarting the discoveries at 2014 and same site before the research and discovery by archyologist jn 2004.
    Writing task 2
    Some people think that women are not fit to have equal aportunities as that of men for the role in police and army . Some think that wome are fit fore this postion.
    Discuss both the points and give your opinion..

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