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    I’m Amit from Pune, India. I had my Academic IELTS speaking test on the 7th Dec 2017 & L,R,W modules on the 9th of December 2017.
    I must say I was really concerned about my SPEAKING SECTION band as I was nervous during the test & couldn’t perform at my best. After the initial intro part, I was asked about my mode of travel, its reasons & the time spent in travel on a daily basis. The major topic in the first part was about ‘BOATS’ and trust me I was flabbergasted!
    Questions ranging from: a. Have you been on a boat. b. Do people in your country travel much by boats & why? (this was a bit funny coming from her as she too was of an Indian origin although I know that she doesn’t get to set the questions ) c. Would you like to own a boat?
    The 2nd part, with cue card had the topic of ‘A place where people go to listen to music. Where you heard about the place. The kind of crowd/people that usually visit there’ – This again was a different topic, an interesting one I must admit.
    The 3rd part with the long turn was about Music & Childhood. So the questions were:
    a. When do you think are children introduced to music?
    b. Should schools have music lessons for their students if so then how early?
    c. Does music help in learning abilities of students?
    d. Should parents encourage their kids to take up learning an instrument?
    I might have missed out on a question or two but those to were on similar lines.
    You will be confident & not get nervous like I did only if you can eventually learn to think in English. Keep speaking, keep adding to your vocab. The last thing you want is to freeze up. Although the content of your talk is immaterial, having an idea about a topic helps the fluency & vocab building as you speak.
    I found LISTENING section easy as I had practiced atleast 4-5 tests which helped me to manage the test pretty well. I knew I’d get a 9.0 band after the listening section which boosted my confidence immensely. The practice tests from the official cambridge books are easier than the actual test, so please listen to more tests, it’s a scoring section.
    The READING section was a bit tough for me comparatively, especially the magazine article with almost a dozen small paras. I had hardly 15 minutes by the time I was on section 3 of Reading test & was afraid I might not finish. But I did eventually. In hindsight, I could have score a 9.0 band instead of the 8.0 I got, if I had practiced a few more tests.
    WRITING Section: Frankly, I was quite confident about the writing section but trust me please practice a minimum of 3 tasks each in exam mode & try to jot down points for as many topics as you can. This is the hardest section to score a good band.
    So, the 1st task was about a table that illustrated the production of 3 types of fruits in million tonnes namely, Oranges, Apples & Grapes in 4 different countries of Turkey, Mexico, Singapore & Japan for the year of 2012. Turkey had the max yield in 2 fruits I think whereas Mexico was 2nd best in quantity produced. Singapore had negligible produce in all of the fruits. This was pretty easy, although I took almost 30 mins to finish! (Lack of practice!)
    The 2nd task, the discussion essay topic was about how some think that it is necessary to travel to a country to know more about it, while some consider it futile as all the information is available on internet & other sources, discuss both views & give your opinion. Finished on the last line of the given sheet & in the last minute! (again, please practice guys!)
    I must mention that knowing the answer sheet format helped me in preempting my paragraph lengths.
    I apologize for the long post, but I though my experience was worth sharing.
    Thank you again.
    All the best.

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