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    Isha Panditrao , Pune, India , General Test
    Speaking on 11th Dec , LWR – 15th Dec
    Here the questions I got for my test
    Part 1
    – Where do you live?
    – what do you like about the place you live?
    – which season do you like?
    – What are the different seasons in your country?
    – Do you prefer a place with same climate throughout or changing seasons?’
    – what do you do in the free time in different seasons
    questions asked to my hubby
    – Were you rewarded with cash money in your childhood?
    – what did u feel then?
    – DO you give cash money to your kid?
    – Is it a good practice to give money to your kids?
    – How to inculcate the habit of savings in kids?
    Section 2
    Describe a person you have never met but would like to meet in the future.
    – Who is that person?
    – Why do you want to meet him?
    – Qualities
    Question asked to my hubby
    – The building structure you liked
    – When did you visit and why?
    – Why do you like it?
    – Significance of the structure
    Section 3
    – what is the good way to meet new people?
    – do you think online friends can have a negative impact
    – what kind of friends do u prefer personal friends or online ?
    – what could be the reason that members of the same family tend to be very different?
    – how can you make someone new at work or college comfortable?
    questions asked to my hubby
    -is spending money on the exteriors of the building necessary?
    – Can infrastructure of the work premises be a motivating factor?
    – what kind of infrastructure do you prefer ancient or modern and why?
    Task 1 :- write a letter the manager of the shipping company about damage to some of your furniture and possessions while shipment to overseas
    – when and where was the shipment
    – describe the damages
    – what do you want the shipment company to do
    Task 2:- Some people feel online courses are better while other feel classroom courses are good? Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

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