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    Hi guys,
    Module: general training/ Poland
    My speaking was yesterday:27.07
    Part 1:
    – when you were a child, did you have a fav teacher?
    – did you ever want to become a teacher?
    – why yes/ no ?
    – do you think teachers have difficult or easy job?
    – why yes/ no
    So part one was more Or less about teachers
    Part 2
    Some ways you use to concentrate on work or study
    Part 3
    Regarding topic from part 2.
    -What kinds of job positions require us to concentrate
    – what employers can do to boost concentration in workplace
    – do you think that people concentrate easier when in quiet places or noisy

    – holidays in Portugal – guy phoned travel agency to get an option- he wanted to go surfing a with friends and was looking for a holiday destination and accomodation
    – rick and Emilia were preparing to semester at school and they were talking about their decisions -multiple answears
    -meeting with school director some kind of induction day where he was talking about recently opened courses , why the courses duration were shortened etc
    – the last was about construction in native area of Westen Australia – some kind of bay – that’s fill in the brackets

    – 4 types of buildings from previous century – match topics question
    – traveling to Australia – mainly about what you cannot bring and restrictions – that was t/f/ng
    -text about laboratories CSL as it called them- fill in the brackets from article
    – next was the same but was about reimbursement of claims and costs in company
    – and another one about workplace strikes
    – last but not least of course long article about laughter
    – this exercise related to matching headings but was fairly easy to be honest

    Writing :
    Take 1; in your area there is a historic building that is about to be pulled down. Write a letter to (as far as I remember) director of the project explaining :
    – why it shouldn’t be demolished
    – propose a new solution
    – how are you going to collect funds
    Task 2:
    Technology influences our social behaviour. Sometimes positively and negatively. Discuss both views.
    (This one I don’t remember exactly but this is the key thought)
    To sum up, I think overall speaking and the rest were easy tasks. Maybe a bit more of a struggle with essay and letter. It difficult even for natives I believe to read the topic and I 40min produce a great looking almost taken from journal – essay. It very tough to gather necessary ideas and produce something great. Otherwise, comparing to my previous ielts it was way better;)

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