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    British Council-Philippines
    23rd October 2018
    Part 1:
    Do you work or study?
    Do you think the university where you studied nursing is the best in your country?
    Is there anything you want to change in your university?
    What is your favorite color?
    Are darker shades of color better?
    Do you wear sunglasses?
    Would you give someone a sunglass as a gift?
    Part 2:
    an important tree/plant/bush in your country
    -where usually located
    -who uses
    -why and how important
    Part 3:
    -Why people choose to live in the countryside than in the city?
    -What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside?
    -How is agriculture in the past different in the present time?
    -How is the agriculture in the present will become diffrent in the future?
    -what are the advantages of science and technology in agriculture?
    -How does science/technology affect farming in the future.
    The examiner interrupted me from time to time. He didn’t allow me to finish my answers. I am worried about my grammar and vocabs because I wasn’t able to express them well as he was always interrupting me.
    My written exam will be on the 27th of October.
    This was my second take and I hope this will be the last.

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