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    Took my IELTS test today on November 7th.
    I also want to give some advice for future takers from my experience
    So, Listening and Reading were relatively easy with quite simple words and clear questions. No maps, but a plan (floors of a tele-tower) instead in Listening. No headings match in Reading, so there was plenty of time to do everything with confidence and even to check all the answers one more time. Scanning and quick reading was enough to find the right answer in most cases.

    WRITING TASK 1 had two Bar charts on the proportion of water used by 5 different economic sectors in two years.

    TASK 2 was similar to what you already have on your website. “Some people believe that arts (such as painting and music) do not improve people’s lifes and, therefore, government should not spend money on it. To that extent do you agree or disagree?”

    topics are exactly from Recent IELTS Speaking topics on your web site. So if you have time, do prepare them. I had “Describe your favourite piece of clothing” in Part 2. Was lucky to be ready for it. Also Home, Perfume, Brands, Uniform in Parts 1 and 3.

    So my TIPS are to read the Listening questions from the following sections IN ADVANCE, when you have time left from reading the previous sections. This really helps to carefully read and be prepared to answer ALL questions, especially from section 3 (students’ talk about their reports) with long answering options. I also underline key words in all questions and options in order to be able to catch up and not to miss something. And the most important thing (OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE), one should concentrate on listening and understanding of what you hear, not on your paper sheet or words printed there (you should have already read them fully by that moment). So in case you missed something or don’t have time to re-read the options (because you need to listen to the next answer), you will be able to come back later at the end of the section or during 10-minute period at the end of Listening. It’s much better to hear and remember later than missing and guessing. You may make quick notes if you fear to forget something.In terms of Reading, I read ALL the questions first and only then begin to look for the answers or read the passage (depending on the question types). In this case, you wouldn’t have to read fragments from the text twice (or even more times) and would fully understand what you need to look for specifically.Hope this will be useful for somebody!

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