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    November 11 2017
    UKVI Acad Philippines
    1. Listening was very easy
    2. Reading was quite harder in comparison to listening (and i talked to my fellow examinees -told me he encountered the reading test in one of the practice tests he had)
    3. Writing
    A. Task 1
    – bar chart that shows how sales of five different goods (women’s clothing; men’s
    clothing; jewelries and two others that i can’t remember)
    B. Task 2
    – Decades ago, a first man landed on the moon and said that it is a first step for man
    kind towards great things. But others say space travel only had made little difference
    in people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    4. Speaking
    – Tell me your full name
    – Do you thinks there’s a special meaning behind a person’s name
    – Do people in your country consider common names in giving one to their children
    – Describe a perfect home
    – I can’t remember other questions, sorry

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