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    Academic UKVI Module
    Hi my fellow examinees. Im from the Philippines and I took my speaking exam yesterday. I used this website to look at the previous IELTS questions and I realized that they were just recycling the questions. I actually saw in this site the same task 2 question as i got yesterday.
    Task 1:
    Do you work?
    What do you like to do after work?
    Do you think you overwork sometimes?
    Do you prefer only 1 bestfriend? Why?
    How much time do you spend with your friends?
    What do you usually do with your friends?
    Do you think you will be having more friends in the future?
    How often do you usually see yourself in the mirror?
    Have you bought mirror before?
    Task 2:
    Describe a time when you received a good service from hotel or restaurant.
    Who did it to you?
    Where was it?
    What made it a good service?
    How did you feel abou it?
    Task 3:
    Is it really important to provide a good customer service?
    Do you think it is better to give good customer service in the small stores more than the big stores?
    What particular jobs should have a good customer service?
    What do you feel if you receive a good and a bad customer service?
    Friendly tip during the exam:
    – its ok to get nervous, thats normal, but you have to overcome it as soon as the test begins. (Deep Breathing and BE CONFIDENT you can get it by preparing hard prior to the exam.
    TASK 2:
    – the most nerve cracking part as no one knows whats going to come out.
    ** Answer as many practice Task 2 questions as you can to get used to it.
    TASK 3:
    – Focus on the questions:
    ** it should be the basis of all your answers, nothing else. I think this is the most important part as it gauge your knowledge for understanding.
    Guys I hope somehow it helps. I posted it to give back to this website as I use it as my reference regarding previous IELTS questions. Goodluck to all of us, Godspeed everyone.

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