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    Exam date: 20Jan 2018
    Location: Philippines
    1. Speaking:
    Do u work or study?
    What time of day do u prefer to study? Why?
    Do u remember a tv ad when u were a kid?
    Do u listen to news?
    What part of the newspaper u read first?
    Cue card:
    Describe an activity that you love to do with older people in your family
    Follow up:
    What do families do nowadays?
    Do u think its important to spend time with family?
    Do u think children should be allowed to travel alone or with friends?
    How will this affect their adulthood?
    My score:
    Overall: 7.5
    I thought the reading part was very confusing. There were 2 pages of texts on the last part. Very long and confusing choices as well. As for listening u really have to read really quickly while listening at the same time. I thought it was more of a concentration exam. It didnt give me enough time to read all of the choices as the listening exam was quite fast. Im happy i got a 7.5, with only 10 days to review. Thanks also to all the contributors on this section.

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