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    General Training Jan 19th
    Speaking: part 2
    Describe a time when you had a problem with a piece of equipment.
    what equipment it was
    what problem you had
    when you had this problem
    explain what you did about this

    Task 1: You are planning a party for your family and want to invite a friend…
    Task 2: People doing different jobs enjoy different amount of holiday time.
    Should people have the same amount of holiday time? Give your opinion…

    My essay was terrible! pretty basic. I wasn’t sure how make the structure. In the Pharagraph 1 I wrote about why some people think that everyone should have the same amount of holiday time even they doing different task, and the second I talked about why some people deserve more days, such as supervisor or manager who have more responsibilities and stress… the reasons and examples were really poor!… but well…
    Thanks! If my score are not good I´m going to practice more essays

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