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    Academic, 3/6/17, Perm, RussiaListening 1) A girl wanted to buy a used car from a sale 2)A tourist trip to island 3) 2 students (f,m) discussing their mentors and job practice with another girl 4) diving ceremony
    Reading 1)Interviewing people 2) Is it possible to live in a no-meet world and its consequences 3) Semantics (words and how to define them)
    Writing 1) Map of the existing civic centre and proposed changes 2) Some countries have introduced a law that limit hours which an employer can ask their employee to work. Why that measure was introduced? Is it a pos/neg development?
    Speaking 1) Hometown Watch Schools 2 ) Describe a book u want to read again what about, where u know about it, why u want to read again
    3) What literature do children read in Russia?
    What can gives us a classical literature?
    Is it impornat to read children stories in a bad-time? and a few more

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