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    Test Date March 01, 2020

    Part 01-
    1. Do you work or study?
    2. What is your work?
    3. Is it a common job in your country?
    4. What is your favourite number, and why you like it?
    5. Are you good at memorizing numbers?
    6. Did you study Mathematics as a child?
    7. Do you spend time with yourself?
    8. what you usually do when you by yourself?
    9. Why it’s important to have a time for you?

    Part 02 Describe a person you like most?

    Part 03
    1. How many generations stay in your family? and is it common practice with your culture?
    2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages when you belong to a large family?
    3. How often you and other members of your family gather?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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