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    Hi everyone,
    I’ve just finished my speaking test in Penang, Malaysia.

    In part 1 the examiner asked me several questions from various topis: study, work, my friends at university, physical activity, sports, my favorite sport, safety of sports for children in my country, my opinion about animals, keeping animals in zoo, my favorite wild animal, if I had pet before or not and why, it was totally about everything.

    in Part 2, my cue card was about my favorite toy in my childhood and some questions about the details as usual and finally explanation towards my feeling about it.

    Ok, it was just the beginning. The difficult part was the 3rd part. Several questions about the importance of toys, comparison between toys for girls and boys and explain why, the effect of family and society on the different toys for girls and boys, the responsibility of toy’s manufacturer about the effect of toys in children education, differences between toys in the past and present, and the most difficult one which I had to ask for 10 seconds to think more was the relationship between toys in the street and children films. I told the examiner that it was a really tough question and I need to think about it. I hope it will not have an adverse effect on my score.
    Finally, the examiner asked me about my opinion about my country performance in FIFA world cup and we discussed about the performance of other teams which we had expected to get better results. I do not know if this part has any effect on my IELTS score or not. Maybe, it was just something personal. Totally, it took something around 20 minutes.

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