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    academic module
    speaking test
    25 october
    i appeared in my speaking module today and all the topics i was asked were the same that previous candidates have shared here .now i have r,w,l on 28 october.there is one thing that i’d like to share about the examiner and it was her expression less face and the fact that she interuptted me twice and she kept looking at the clock behind me.
    the questions i was asked are given below
    part 1
    whats your full name?
    where are you from?
    why people prefer living in your home town?
    how do you travel?
    how far is your work place from your home?
    how long it takes on one side travel to your work place?
    how was your travel towards exam centre today?
    part 2 cue card
    about the place in your country that is famous but tourists dont visit it
    where is the place?
    what kind of place?
    why tourists dont visit this place?
    do you think tourism affect the environment?
    what role should goverment play in controlling the damage to the enivironment?
    what do you think about space travel?
    do you think virtual raelity will take over for the real tousrism?
    why are young ppl prefer going to dangerous places?
    what do think about opening dangerous palecs for tourists?
    do you use computers? what about internet use?
    do you rely on internet for your daily tasks?
    when did you start using computers?
    do you think computer use has changed over time?

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