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    Hello Everyone,
    I took IELTS (GT) Speaking Test on 10 May, 2018.
    What do you do?study or work?
    Do you have friends at work?
    What are your job timings?
    Do you like to write?What do you generally write?
    In childhood did you loved to write?
    Do you think writing habits change with age?
    Part-2 Cue Card
    Tell us when you saved money to buy something?
    How did you saved the money?
    How long it took you to save the money?
    Explain how you felt after saving money?
    How online marketing helps to increase the public spending on products and services?
    Can money buy happiness?
    How children can be told the right way of spending money?
    Do you think credit cards has helped people to do more shopping/increase their spending power?
    Do you think governments spend money on unimportant things?
    Overall it went smooth.I only got bit nervous in first question because of exam conditions.

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