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    Hi All
    1 The usual introduction
    2 Do you know about robots? have you watched robot movies? will you trust a robot to perform any task? and a few other questions about the same topic.
    3 tell about a recent inspirational speach you heard. do you prefer discussions or seminars? should people be allowed to give speeches in schools etc
    1 About Dairy shops in New Zealand
    2 About development of different means of transportation in London
    3 About a discovery of a new bone fossil leading to change in views about a certain dinosaur
    The reading part was very long and difficult. You need a lot of practice to complete it in the given time.
    Task 1 was a chart of the amount of time taken by different car manufacturing companies from 2000-2005.
    Task 2 was whether everybody should have free university education or not. What are the positive and negative points of it and what do you support?
    Writing was the most difficult since it is at the end and you are exhausted by then.

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