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    I appeared on June2 in Noida, India
    Speaking on July 31
    1. Do you work / study ?
    2. Where do you work ?
    3. Why you choose this job ?
    4. What food you used to eat as a child ?
    5. Why did you eat this food as a child ?
    6. Is international food popular when you were child ?
    7. Describe which international food you tried recently ?
    8. Will more people will buy international food in future.
    Section 2
    Describe a plan which did not went well. What you plan ? Why it did not went well ? What you change ? How did you felt after ?
    Section 3
    (I talked on travel plan in cue card round)
    1. You talked only travel plan. What can be other plans?
    2. Why it is hard for older people to change plan ?
    3. How technology can help when change in plan ?
    4. How phone can help in this case if there is no apps or google ?
    5. Change can be fast and slow, how it impacts person when change is fast and change is slow ?

    I answered all of them to my best. I felt examiner was counter questioning me in part 1 as well. She counter questioned in Section 3 as well, I may have missed 1 or 2 questions.

    GT Writing
    Task1 : School is taking group of students to other country for 3 days. They have invited parents to join the group. You are interested in going with trip. Write a letter : 1. Why you would like to join ? 2. How you can help ? 3) Ask, any questions if you have ?

    Task 2 : Many people think new technology can improve lives of workers. Oher think there are disadvantages of new technology.
    Describe both views and write your opinion.

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