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    I had my speaking test today in NJ, USA. I got following questions:
    Part 1:
    1. General questions like my name, where I live, do I like my current town
    2. Have i even been in a part time or a full time employment.
    3. How long should people sleep?
    4. should older people sleep less
    5.what do I think about sleeping during the day time
    6. when i was small what kind of job I wanted to do
    7. Do you think that people’s job preference change as they grow old
    Part 2
    Describe about some story which you like a lot.
    1. Who told you this story.
    2. When did you hear it
    3. What was the story about
    Why you liked this story
    Part 3
    I don’t remember the exact questions from part 3, but they were like –
    Has story telling changed over a period of time?
    Which way is better, traditional story telling or the use of technology in story telling?
    Do you think that generally most of the people are good at story telling
    What makes story telling effective

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