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    Hi I had my speaking test today,29th set. Nigeria.
    The questions was
    Part one, which type of apartment I live,
    what kind of house will I like to live in the future, My favourite pop star,
    if I would like to be one,
    if I would like to see one perform on stage.
    If I like to travel by bus
    If I would travel by bus in the future
    Bus or underground transportation which do I prefer.
    Part 2
    Talk about a popular tree fruit or plant in your country.
    What it is
    Where it is grown
    It’s benefits Or something like that
    Part 3
    Have you planted a tree Before
    The challenges farmers in my country face
    The economic contribution of farming in your country
    If people like to farm
    That’s much I remember
    The examiner was rather too fast. He won’t give me time to expanciate my answers, he kept cutting me short. Hope that doesn’t affect my results

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