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    I had my speaking test today.NIGERIA
    I can’t remember all the questions.
    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or home?
    Would you love to live in a house or home in the future
    Your dream house
    Then we moved on to fruits
    She asked;
    what types of fruits i enjoy
    Asked if i enjoyed taking fruits when i was young
    Benefits of fruits
    if i have tried cooking with fruits etc
    Part 2
    Describe an organisation or a company in your area that employs lot of people
    -where its located
    -how big
    -how often people get employed
    -how the workers feel about working there
    For the love of me, i couldn’t find words to describe. I had the idea but by the time i started speaking,, it was all over the place. I wasn’t making sense at a point. I paused a lot. But i didn’t allow that to kill my spirit. I made Part 3 better
    Part 3
    Follow up questions for Part 2
    The type of jobs popular in my country
    -why i think people are into that job
    -what government can do to tackle unemployment
    -if old people should be made to retire early
    -why i think they should retire early
    -what a successful job is to me etc
    I had the pleasure of meeting a cheerful examiner. i had no problem making eye contact with her or smiling. i had a huge smile on my face throughout. My Part 2 wasn’t that great but we had a lot to say in Part 3. We shared a laugh because of my answers to some of the questions especially the part she asked ‘what a successful job is to me’. i went ahead to tell her how a successful job is the work that gives you fulfilment and allows you to give back to the society. i developed the point more. then she asked ‘so the salary doesn’t matter’? we shared a quick laugh because of that. But it was a wonderful experience.

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