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    Speaking test: GT, Nigeria.
    PART I
    what state are you from?
    Where do you Live?
    How long have you lived in that city?
    Do you like living there? give reasons
    what do you do every morning when taking kids to school?
    Do you use the computer? what do you use it for?
    Do you think the way people use the computer today is different from the way it was used in time past?
    Do you think the use of the computer would increase in the future?
    Talk about the kind of furniture you have in your house( modern or traditional)
    Do you like the furniture?
    who chose the furniture?
    would you change it in future?
    PART 3
    what influences people’s choice of furniture?
    What do you think would make a fashion designer successful?
    Do you think the color of an office influences our feeling?
    Writing: 14/10/17
    Writing task 1: Also an informal letter to a friend for damaged, borrowed item.
    Writing task 2: Opinion essay on Wider roads being the solution to traffic Jam in most Cities and towns.

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