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    Thanks a lot for the useful tips in preparing IELTS .
    I have done my IELTS GT test today 12/10/219
    I would like to share the test details

    Writting Task 1
    You are attending a night course in the school. you are not happy with some parts of the course. Write a letter to the school director about this include what course you are studying what things you are not happy about what you expect from the school director

    Writing Task 2
    people in the current generation are not fit and active, which will cause dangerous problems in the future write about what could be the reasons and suggest solutions for this issue.

    Speaking- speaking was bit difficult for me especially in part 3.
    part 1
    work- are you working? where do you work? responsibilities at work? do you enjoy your job? mathematics do you like mathematics?when you start studying? is it necessory to study maths? calculator when you start using? why people using calculator? play do you like to play outdoor? why it is important to play outside?
    part 2
    Tell about a person who encourage you to achieve your goal
    part 3 do you think self motivation is important? how can a person get self motivated? why some people seems to be more motivated. what could be the reason? how children at young age should get motivated? who is responsible parents or teachers. why? what are the factors affecting people to get motivated? how can we motivate children who is facing problems?

    part 3 is challenging. it was really tough for me
    Thanks again

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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